Caribbean Christian Theology: A Bibliography

by | Dec 15, 2023 | Mission Studies & Intercultural Theology, World Christianity

Caribbean Christian Theology: A Bibliography

Dec 15, 2023Mission Studies & Intercultural Theology, World Christianity

Caribbean Christian Theology: A Bibliography

By Juliany González Nieves

Recently, I found myself among a group of Puerto Rican seminarians, who are studying and doing ministry in the “isla grande.”[1] They had come together to take a summer course on history and theology at a local seminary, and although their required readings were almost exclusively written by people of color, an issue of identity, distance, and contextualization emerged. The Puerto Rican context is significantly different from the USA mainland context. Therefore, theologies done by USA Latinx theologians are often incredibly foreign and at times irrelevant to our realities, those of a 500-year-old colony, a territory full of people living in-between.

As a way of addressing this issue, I have compiled a brief bibliography on Christian Caribbean theology. It is by no means exhaustive, and it does not include all the published works of scholars currently residing in the Caribbean. But I hope it helps promote a conversation about theology and identity among Christians living in this region. Furthermore, I hope it brings attention to the work done by Caribbean Christian scholars.

In terms of the selection process, the main criterion was an explicit focus on the Caribbean region and Christian theology. The latter explains why the works of significant theologians such as Dr. Samuel Solivan and Dr. Jules A. Martínez-Olivieri were not included, while Teresa Delgado’s book was, even when she does not reside in the Caribbean. Furthermore, it should be noted that the bibliography is limited when it comes to the inclusion of the French, Dutch, and Créole-speaking Caribbean because I do not read those languages. Lastly, I have limited the bibliography to books, rather than also including articles, etc. Nevertheless, I have made two exceptions in order to include an excellent entry on Caribbean theology by Dr. Agustina Luvis Núñez, and two book chapters written by Cuban theologian Dr. Clara Luz Ajo Lázaro.

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Towards a More Catholic Theologizing

For some reason, discussions and courses on Majority World theologies frequently exclude the work of theologians in the Caribbean. My hope is that as we are able to dig deeper and witness the work of the Global Church, we will move towards a more catholic theologizing, which takes seriously and promotes theological scholarship in this region of the world.

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 Juliany González Nieves is an evangélica Puerto Rican student at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois. Before beginning her Master in Divinity, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Puerto Rico. Born and raised in the island, Juliany started serving the church in Puerto Rico at a very young age. She has also participated in short-term mission trips to Dominican Republic and Ecuador. Her areas of interest include systematic theology, discipleship, narrative theology, Latin American theology, feminist theology, and missiology. She hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology and become a professor one day, serving in Latin America and the United States. You can follow her on social media and read her blog De vuelta a lo básico

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[1]“Isla grande,” Eng. Big island, refers to the bigger island of Puerto Rico, which is an archipelago.



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