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Hiding God’s Word in your heart restores your spiritual passion.

Memorizing the Bible has been proven to be an essential, life-giving practice for spiritual growth. Those who memorize passages from the Bible can point to how it’s given them greater assurance of God’s love and a deeper understanding of how to follow Jesus.

These resources (sermon, webinar, book sample, and seminar) go with the book by Graham Joseph Hill and Michael Frost. “Hide This in Your Heart: Memorizing Scripture for Kingdom Impact.” NavPress, 2020. Buy the book in these two places: Barnes and Noble and Book Depository


Get the Table of Contents & Chapter 1 of “Hide This in Your Heart” here:


Click here for a copy of the TABLE OF CONTENTS & CHAPTER 1


Watch the “Hide This in Your Heart – Bible Memory Challenge” webinar here:


(And click here for The Bible Memory Challenge – A Guide to Get Started)




Watch the “Hide This in Your Heart” Sermon & Listen to it as a Podcast Here:


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Watch the “Hide This in Your Heart” seminar here:





Rev. Dr. Graham Joseph Hill, Ph.D.

Graham Joseph Hill (Ph.D., Flinders University) is Principal and Assoc. Professor of World Christianity at Stirling College (University of Divinity), which is a national Australian Bible and theological college. He has planted and pastored churches and been in theological education for over 20 years. Graham is the author or editor of 11 books including Global Church (IVP, 2016), Healing Our Broken Humanity, (IVP, 2018, with Grace Ji-Sun Kim), and Salt, Light and a City (Cascade, 2017). He also directs The Global Church ProjectGraham writes at grahamjosephhill.com

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