Juliany González Nieves

Personal Things I Learned While Church Planting

In 1987, when I was 18-years old and still in high school, a friend approached me with a wild idea. Why don’t we plant a church? Now, when I was 18, I thought I could do anything! I was young and passionate and adventurous. I was, and continue to be, filled with a...

‘Hide This in Your Heart’ Resources

“Hide This in Your Heart” Resources (sermon, webinar, book sample, and seminar). Join Graham Joseph Hill and Michael Frost as they unpack the importance of Scripture memory and how you can sustainably create this life-giving habit. This webpage includes a sermon, webinar, book sample, and seminar to go with the book by Graham Joseph Hill and Michael Frost. “Hide This in Your Heart: Memorizing Scripture for Kingdom Impact.” NavPress, 2020.

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