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Dr Graham Joseph Hill

DipMin, BTheol, GCTESOL, MTheol, PhD, CMC, GCPS
PhD & Assoc Professor

Graham offers professional supervision, mentoring, and coaching.

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About Graham

In addition to other awards, Graham holds a PhD from Flinders University, a Certificate in Mentoring and Coaching from Morling College, and a Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision from the University of Divinity (graduating with the GCPS on 24 March 2023).

Graham has spent over 30 years in the educational, corporate, and not-for-profit sectors, including professor, pastor, CEO, college principal, spiritual mentor, leadership consultant, and professional supervisor. Graham has supervised, mentored, and coached hundreds of individuals and teams toward ministry success. He specializes in professional supervision and is currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Professional Supervision through the University of Divinity, Australia. Graham guides toward spiritual depth and integrity, emotionally intelligent leadership, change management processes, strategy, spiritual growth, and values-driven leadership. Graham is an Associate Professor at the University of Divinity in Melbourne, an experienced CEO and former college Principal, and a trained Professional Supervisor, mentor, and coach.

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About professional supervision

Professional supervision is a “relationship between two or more disciples who meet to consider the ministry of one or more of them in an intentional and disciplined way. Such an arrangement allows each person being supervised to give an account of their work, to explore their responses, review their aims and develop their strategies and skills” (Leach and Patterson, 2015. Pastoral Supervision. p.1).

Professional supervision has been defined as the following:

• regular, structured, and intentional conversations between supervisor and supervisee

• focused on work and practice

• paying attention to the supervisee’s current context

• within the framework of a shared theological, spiritual, ethical, and legal understanding

• pay attention to issues of fitness to practice, skill development, management of boundaries, professional identity, and the impact of work upon all concerned parties, including the individuals and communities the supervisee serves and leads. (Australian Baptist National Baptist Supervision Framework, 2021).

We “enter into an intentional relationship to reflect on our ministry practice, so that we can draw out and discover what God is calling us to do and be” (Professional Supervision: A Guide for Clergy and Lay Ministers, p.8).

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How does professional supervision work?

A typically professional supervision session runs for up to 60 minutes. Sessions may be face-to-face, on Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or a mixture. Dr. Graham Joseph Hill can offer professional supervision no matter where you are in the world!

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4 sessions per year

$480 AUD per year (first session free)


6 sessions per year

$720 AUD per year (first session free)


8 sessions per year

$960 AUD per year (first session free)


12 sessions per year

$1,440 AUD per year (first session free)


Note: Sessions above and beyond the package are $120 each, plus travel expenses. All prices are in Australian dollars.

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