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Graham Joseph Hill

(Ph.D., Assoc. Professor, & Integritas Director)

Graham has spent 30 years in the educational, corporate, and not-for-profit sectors, including roles such as professor, pastor, CEO, college principal, spiritual mentor, and leadership consultant. Graham has mentored and coached hundreds of individuals and teams toward ministry success. He specializes in spiritual mentoring, executive and not-for-profit leadership, career coaching, mentoring authors, and personal well-being coaching. Graham coaches for spiritual depth and integrity, emotionally intelligent leadership, change management processes, strategy, spiritual growth, and values-driven leadership. Graham is an Associate Professor at the University of Divinity in Melbourne, an experienced CEO and College Principal, and a trained Mentor and Coach.

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Graham offers life mentoring and coaching in these areas:

Spiritual Mentoring – Mentoring you toward inner peace and spiritual depth. Guiding you through spiritual exercises and using prayer and spirituality to have a more meaningful life. Explore mindfulness. Live simply. Learn to rest. Find peace and contentment. Practice meditation and prayer. Graham’s background is Christian spirituality, but he will help you grow no matter what religious or spiritual background you have.

Wellness and Health Coaching – Helping you grow in emotional, mental, and physical health. Manage stress, anger, addictions, depression, anxiety, and personal growth goals. Build confidence and purpose. Learn to relax, lose weight, and get fit. Seek a balanced and healthy life.

Executive Coaching – As an experienced CEO and Principal, I can coach you toward executive success. Develop strategy. Manage teams. Communicate effectively. Relate well to Board, staff, customers, media, and stakeholders. Move from vision to implementation. Shape organisations around values. Assess risks and opportunities. Set short and long-term strategic goals.

Leadership Coaching – Helping you become a successful leader. Develop and build your team. Lead change. Coach and develop people as individuals. Have difficult conversations. Run great meetings. Improve communication abilities. Communicate key messages that motivate and inspire people to change.

Author (Writing) Coaching – Helping aspiring authors learn to write well and get published. Coaching you through the essential skills of successful writing, editing, publication, and marketing your book.

Relationship and Family Coaching – Coaching you into deeper and more fulfilling relationships. Facilitating conversations between couples and family members when communication is difficult. Helping you learn to develop meaningful friendships, romances, parent-child relations, and marriage. Offering marriage-preparation coaching. Coaching you toward relationship health. 

Career Coaching – Helping you find your path, career, and purpose. Guiding you through career growth, progression, and change. Discover the kinds of jobs that suit your talents and interests and get help exploring what direction your career path should take.

How does it work?

A typically mentoring or coaching session runs for up to 90 minutes. Sessions may be face-to-face, on Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime, or a mixture. Dr. Graham Joseph Hill can offer mentoring and coaching no matter where you are in the world!

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4 sessions per year

$1,000 AUD per year (first session free)


6 sessions per year

$1,350 AUD per year (first session free)


8 sessions per year

$1,600 AUD per year (first session free)


12 sessions per year

$2,000 AUD per year (first session free)


Note: Sessions above and beyond the package are $350 each, plus travel expenses. All prices are in Australian dollars.

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