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Welcome to Graham Joseph Hill’s author & ministry website, a place for Jesus-centered resources that deepen integrity, wisdom, justice, mission, & faith.

“Graham Joseph Hill is one of the finest missional scholars in the world, and the only one dedicated to making the work of Christians in the Global South (Majority World) known to the West, and also one of the only ones who describes the work of others with meticulous care and fairness. When I think of world theologians today I think of Graham – and I don’t say that lightly. Yes, there are more famous scholars but there are none doing his admirable and noble work of mediating the voices of those who have been silenced by not being in the places of power. The work he has done, too, with defending women in ministry is singularly clear and effective, and my own students have found this new book of his most helpful. If I could invite one person to my school to be a professor of missional theology, it would be Graham Joseph Hill. No rivals for me.”


Rev. Canon Dr. Scot McKnight+
Professor of New Testament
Northern Seminary

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I’m a university professor, college principal, author, and ministry mentor. I’ve been in theological education for 16 years, and in Christian ministry since 1988. Over the last 30 years, I’ve been involved in church planting, pastoring, theological education, and training people for ministry and mission.

I’m Principal and Assoc. Professor at Stirling College (University of Divinity). I’m also the founding Director of The Global Church Project. Before Stirling College, I served in Baptist theological colleges in Australia from 2004–2019. My roles included Vice-Principal and Provost.

I received my MTheol from the University of Notre Dame Australia, and a Ph.D. from Flinders University in Australia. I’m the author of 10 books. These books include Global Church, Healing Our Broken Humanity (co-authored with Grace Ji-Sun Kim), Salt, Light and a City (two volumes), Holding Up Half the Sky, and Hide This in Your Heart (co-authored with Michael Frost). My writings have been translated into Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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LATEST BOOK BY Graham Joseph Hill


Memorizing Scripture has been proven to be an essential, life-giving practice for spiritual growth. Those who memorize passages from the Bible can point to how it’s given them greater assurance of God’s love and a deeper understanding of how to follow Jesus.

In this new resource by two leaders of the worldwide missional church movement, Scripture memorization is put to new use. Memorizing the Bible helps believers in Jesus to become active partners in proclaiming and demonstrating that the Kingdom of God is living and active and good for the world.

Join Graham Joseph Hill and Michael Frost on this journey into the Bible. Learn how the Scriptures can form and transform your brain and life. Learn how to equip yourself better to live and declare the good news of Jesus Christ.



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